March 17th, 2005

Nick Arias Jr. inducted into the Don Garlits International Drag Racing Hall of Fame & Museum Foundation.

Nick Arias Jr.

The 2005 International Drag Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on Thursday, March 17 at the Gainesville Paramount Resort in Gainesville, Florida. The class of 2005 included Nick Arias, Tim Beebe, Kent Enderle, Stu Hilborn, Roland Leong, Al Marcellus and Jim Walther.

The International Motorsports Hall of Fame recognizes those who have contributed the most to the sport either as a driver, owner, developer or engineer.

To quote Roland Leong, "To put it into racing terms, it's like winning the U.S. Nationals - drag racing's most prestigious race". "It's a real honor. Having spent your entire life doing something that you dreamed of doing and to be recognized for it is a great honor…I dreamed of being a drag racer since I was a little kid and to be recognized by your peers is a very nice feeling."

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October 6th, 2000

Nick Arias Jr. - Lifetime Achievement honoree for the ninth annual California Hot Rod Reunion.

 Lifetime Achievement

Nick Arias Jr., Robert "Bones" Balogh, brothers Dave and Tim Beebe, Cloy Fitzgerald, and Bob Noice are the Lifetime Achievement honorees for the ninth annual California Hot Rod Reunion presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California on Oct. 6-8 at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, Calif.

Said NHRA Event Director Greg Sharp, "This group of honorees gives us a diversified reflection of hot rodding history. It includes drivers, engine builders and tuners, aftermarket suppliers, and sanctioning body representation.

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