cylinder heads

LS Chevy Hemi

Nick Arias Jr. Racing Components presents the world’s first Hemi® cylinder head for Chevy LS series blocks. The Arias "LS-AH" head kit will easily adapt to any G.M. LS factory or aftermarket block, with a few minor modifications.

Arias Jr’s cast aluminum Chevy Hemi® head is poured from 356 T-6 alloy and features full water jacketing throughout. Offered are two choices of chamber design; full round hemisphere or figure-8 shape with quench pads – both with central spark plug location for maximum effectiveness.

This bolt-on or complete Crate Engine package is ready for the street rodder having the desire to stand out from the crowd; or the hardcore racer looking for the power and torque of a genuine Hemi® for their LS series foundation. Turn your run-of-the-mill LS wedge into a hemispherical-chambered hero and put the spark plug holes running through the middle…where they belong!



Requirements (to be ordered separately):