cylinder heads

BB Chevy Hemi

Nick Arias Jr. Racing Components reintroduces its Hemi® cylinder head for Chevy Mark IV series Big Blocks. The Arias BB-AH head kit will easily adapt to most 10.200” and 11.200” deck G.M. factory or aftermarket blocks, with a few minor modifications.

Arias Jr’s cast aluminum Big Block Chevy Hemi head is poured from 356 T-6 alloy and features full water jacketing throughout. Extra thick decks boost combustion sealing and prevent coolant seepage. The notorious three-pushrod design has been reengineered to a more conventional setup, with one intake and one exhaust pushrod activating new needle bearing, roller tipped rockers.

This bolt-on or complete Crate Engine package is ready for the street rodder having the desire to stand out from the crowd; or the hardcore racer looking for the power and torque of a genuine Hemi® for their Rat Motor foundation. This is the same cylinder head that dominated Drag cars & Boats and Tractor pullers for the last four decades, with today’s technology built in. Bolt on a piece of Hemi history today!

BB CHEVY HEMI: 2016 Racer Pricing

LS-AH Cylinder Head, each: $1884.35

Valvetrain, Assembled, each head: $667.66

Rocker Arm Assembly, each head: $1922.94

Valve Cover, each head: $407.71

Valley Cover, each: $321.70

Kit Components, each head: $466.18

Requirements (to be ordered separately):