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Nick Arias Jr.

Nick Arias, Jr. has spent decades pursuing his passion for building innovative high-performance engines, pistons and associated parts. Never satisfied with conventional mechanical thought, Mr. Arias has always sought to improve on the internal combustion engine’s output and reliability. Through Nick Arias Jr. Racing Components we offer his ground-breaking products to the racing and street enthusiast looking to enhance muscle and separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

The cornerstone of our company is the Hemispherical combustion chamber line of cylinder heads. Originally developed by Nick for the Mark IV Big-Block Chevrolet, these unique power-boosting conversion heads are now available for GM’s LS series engines and Ford’s 351 Windsor small-blocks. All “Hemi” setups are available in kit form or as complete “Crate” engines.

We’re also proud to offer the “Max Duty” 4-Cylinder aluminum block – our lightweight, sturdy alternative to the GM based four-banger. Also available separate or as a completely assembled unit.

Nick Arias Jr. Racing Components is a Warehouse Distributor for many of the industry’s prominent parts manufacturers – such as WORLD Products, EAGLE Specialty, ARIAS Pistons, BDS Superchargers, HILBORN Injection, MILODON and many more!

So come on in, take a look around, and check out our original line of products. Custom built or shelf stock, we have the parts and pieces to help you pursue your passion for high-performance. If you share the same enthusiasm as Nick, you’re in the right place.


Nick Arias Jr.

Like most guys in California, and probably all over the country, I grew up crazy about cars. Some of us outgrew it, but a lot of us didn’t. Trying to figure out how to make an engine work better is just as much fun today as it was when I first started working on street rod engines in my garage 70+ years ago.

I began hot-rodding seriously around the end of WW II, and can still remember the thrill of being at the first organized drag race at Goleta, CA back in 1949. Loud engines, fast cars and competition from all over…it was a young Hot-Rodder’s dream!

Working at Wayne Manufacturing - next door to Frank Venolia’s piston shop - I learned a lot about engines, pistons, cylinder heads and combustion chamber design. But actually I was teaching myself more. A lot of this stuff wasn’t in a book somewhere; we just figured it out as we went along. My growing philosophy then was, “it could always be made a little better to go a little faster”.

Nick Arias Jr.

Uncle Sam called and I was off to Korea. Fortunately, my buddies and I made it back and were back at work on cars before our military haircuts grew out again.

The So-Cal dry lakes were a magnet for all of us, and Bonneville, too. We ran a GMC straight-6 on nitro out there. Listening to a “Jimmy” on fuel sing wide open for five miles definitely brings on the Goosebumps!

Nick Arias Jr.

Got involved with other guys at the Rusetta Timing Association dry lake meets in the 1950’s and as a member of The Screwdrivers Car Club I set lots of records - but blew up some parts, too. Experimented with a lot of different engines and configurations…still learning, mostly the hard way.

Marriage and my growing family made it necessary to get serious about my passion - so in 1969 I started Arias Pistons to manufacture top-quality forged pistons and components. I’m proud to say we’re still family-owned and operated today, continuing to make high-performance pistons like they’re supposed to be made.

All along I kept adapting and refining engine configurations, and in 1972 I introduced what was then considered a state-of-the-art Hemi-head conversion for Big-Block Chevys: The “Hemi-Chevy”.Nick Arias Jr. Followed up on that in 1975 with my 10 Liter block and Hemi-head which dominated tractor pulling and drag boats. Later, I came out with the 8.3 Liter power plant, developed for Top Fuel and Alcohol drag racing. Soon came the Arias 4-Cylinder which led USAC Midget circuits, the Arias V6 Hemi, A/R Boss 429, Howard 12-Port GMC head, the New Century aluminum block and now my LS and SB Ford Hemi heads. As you can see, through the years I’ve strived to design engines, cylinder heads, pistons and parts to help propel faster and quicker just about everything that drives, floats, pulls or flies!

Nick Arias Jr.

And it must have paid off. In 2005 I was honorably inducted into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, followed by installation into the SEMA Hall of Fame class of 2012. The California Hot Rod Reunion and the NHRA presented me with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Manufacturing in 2000. I’m also very proud to have gained membership into the Dry Lakes Hall of Fame and also The Inliners International Hall of Fame. Very proud of these honors, indeed.

You would think I’d be taking it easy but I’m still hard at work, trying to put a lifetime of hard-earned knowledge and hands-on practical experience to use developing and building performance components - now available from my new company Nick Arias Jr. Racing Components.

Like I said, I don’t know about being the “Legend behind the Legends”, but my life story is all about making great engines, pistons and speed components that I am proud to stand behind.

Nick Arias Jr.


Go Fast and be safe,

Nick Arias Jr.